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This page was last updated: 10/20/2014
*NOTICE:   We have recently decided not to carry the Pellet Pros line of pellet mills and are now offering all inventory we have on hand at clearance prices.  We will, however, continue to provide phone support, training and repair services to our customers as we have in the past.   Pellet Pros LLC was sold to a new owner in Sept. 2009 and the new business name is Pellet Pros Inc.  Their facility is now located in Davenport, IA.  Customers who have purchased Pellet Pros mills through us also have the option to call or purchase parts directly through Pellet Pros Inc.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.                                              
Pellet Pros #PP600 Mill Head Only~
This mill head is a great deal for do-it-yourselfers who can provide their own source of power.  It has a fixed axle type- 8" flat plate die & roller setup and depending on the application - we estimate the actual capacity rating of 200-350 lbs.  (factory rating=350-600 lbs) with 10 hp recommended. This mill head has the gear box and pellet making head in one casting and has a ring and pinion style gear reduction.  They work really well making pellets out of softer biomass.  You can also make wood pellets but  only with enough binder mixed with the wood.   Binders could include DDG, Pellet Bond (corn starch based binder), soy beans, liquid lignin, etc.  To make pellets out of all other agricultural residue along with paper waste, etc, is no problem with this mill.           
  **SALE PRICE=$2,000  (Reg. $3,200)
  ~ New ~ (Pellet Pros Stock Clearance)

USED- Pellet Pros #PP650D 15 hp Diesel Pellet Mill: (includes battery and tool kit)~ *See notes on above mill head. This complete pellet mill has as the same fixed axle type- 8" flat plate die & roller setup as the PP600 mill head described above.  The estimated capacity , applications and gear box design are basically the same as well.  Other specs on this mill  include:
Power: 15HP Diesel/Liquid Cooled/Electric Start
Weight: 700 lbs.    Dimensions: 32"x30 1/2"x55"
Fuel Usage: 1 US. Quart/Hour Approx.

**SALE PRICE= $2,000 "as is"
            (Used 1 season)
*Note - other websites may claim higher capacities on machines that look similar.  We're listing capacities that we feel are realistic based on our experience using typical fuel pellet biomass products rather than using the factory's ratings which include a wider variety of materials that would increase the capacity range.  If the die size and the horsepower are the same- the actual capacities are very likely the same also. 
Pellet Pros #PP-PTO Mill Head (includes  mount as pictured) ~
See notes on above PP600 mill head. This complete pellet mill has  the same rotating axle  type 8" flat plate die & roller setup as the PP650D-W wood mill described above.  The estimated capacity  would be slightly lower due to running at a slower RPM.  The typical applications would be the same as the PP600 mill head and the PP650D-2.
  Other specs on this mill  include:
PTO SPEED: 540 RPM 6 Spline 1 3/8" Shaft
Requires a minimum of 25HP to operate.

PelletMasters (TigerTec) #TT 75
7-1/2 hp Electric Pellet Mill~
TT/PelletMasters “TT/PM Series” Pellet Mills have a superior Flat Plate Die Design that enables use with a wide variety of biomass products including:  wood*, corn stalks, grasses, straw, manure, leaves, paper,  forestry wastes, etc. and are able to make quality pellets for fuel, feed, or fertilizer applications.
• These high torque machines can make premium quality wood pellets in most applications without the use of binders!
• Superior roller/die geometry and general mill design make these machines very energy efficient too
Other Features Include:
• High Tensile Rollers & Die Plate-Available in 6 and 8mm dia in varying compression ratios *Rollers & Main Shaft have Heavy Duty Tapered Roller Bearings that are easily maintained with grease zerks that are readily accessible to extend bearing and machine life.
• Multiple Reduction Right Angle Helical Beveled GearBox is Built Strong to Last Long
• High Qulaity Mill Head Casings and Electrical Components are Superior to Most Imports
*Featured in the January 2009 Farm Show Magazine*
SALE PRICE= $2,500   (Reg. $4,300)
~ Demo Like New ~  ( Pellet Pros Stock Clearance)
  • Power:  7-1/2 hp  220 volt 3 phase
  • 8" Die Plate/ Stationary Roller Carriage
  • Dimensions: 40"L x 24"W x 36"H
  • Weight:  590 lbs
  • Output:  110- 220 lbs/hr
  *SALE PRICE= $3,990 (Reg. $5,950)
~ BRAND NEW~  (Special Sale Price)*
*Sale Price does not apply to special order items

Brock Flex Auger- Like New Display Unit- Used 15 min @ Open House (see photo)
This Brock complete Flex Auger was set up as a display and used one time at our Open House picutred here.  It worked great for moving pellets but we no longer need a display since we know first hand how well it works.
The part number is 24-25030.  The model number is 2500 and it is 30 ft long with one 45 degree bend.  It has a 3.5 in tube which gives extra clearance between the auger and the tube to avoid damaging the pellets.  It also has a pressure shut off switch on the discharge.
**Sale Price= $1500   (List $4,226)
~ Like New ~  (Display)

Rotary Phase Converters
Call for more information on American Rotary - Rotary Phase Converters
Operate 3 phase equipment on single phase current!  Very energy efficient- save thousands of $$$ on wiring by utilizing your existing service!

*USED PELLETMASTERS  10 hp Single Phase
  Electric Pellet Mill
  • Power:  220 volt 1 phase
  • 10 hp Marathon Motor (American)
  • 8" Die Plate/ Stationary Roller Carriage
  • Dimensions: 45"L x 20"W x 36"H
  • Weight:  approx. 500 lbs
  • Output:  200-500 lbs/hr

*SALE PRICE= $3,195   (Reg. $3,995)

*This mill was used very little- customer purchased directly through PelletMasters a few months ago but has decided to sell it .  We are listing this mill as a favor- it is currently located in Delavan, WI.  Mill would be purchased outright but we can provide support & parts to the new buyer.
Made in Switzerland
TYPE FH 40/120
Makes Approx. 1-1/2" dia. Pucks
40 hp 3 phase
"US Electric" brand - Electric Motor
Sale Price $9500.00